Polyester Additives

MEKP and Benzoyl peroxide paste are initiators used in polyester applications to trigger the curing process by releasing free radicals. They are effective in thick sections and facilitate faster curing times. Cobalt octoate, on the other hand, acts as an accelerator or catalyst in polyester applications. It enhances the curing and cross-linking reactions, resulting in improved mechanical properties and faster drying. MEKP, Benzoyl peroxide paste, and cobalt octoate are crucial additives in polyester-based coatings and composites. They contribute to the efficient curing and hardening of polyester resins, ensuring desired properties and performance. These additives play vital roles in various industries, including composites manufacturing, construction, and automotive sectors.

Additives for Polyester Curing

Here you can find more information about the additives to cure your unsaturated polyester or vinylester resins.