Di-Benzoyl Peroxide Paste 50%

Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) 50% paste, commonly referred to as a hardener, is a finely blended, fire-resistant creamy paste that contains dibenzoyl peroxide. This paste maintains a consistent texture without separating, making it effortless to dissolve in monomers and resins. It is soluble in ethyl acetate and exhibits slight solubility in petroleum solvents and alcohols, while remaining insoluble in chlorinated solvents. Unlike its dry counterparts, this product offers improved usability and reduced hazards.

Benzoyl peroxide acts as a curing agent for unsaturated polyester resin and facilitates the crosslinking of monomers and styrene. When benzoyl peroxide is added to the resin mixture, it undergoes a decomposition process upon heating or exposure to an initiator. This decomposition releases free radicals, which are highly reactive species.

The free radicals generated by benzoyl peroxide initiate a chain reaction known as free radical polymerization. They react with the unsaturated double bonds present in the polyester resin, monomers, and styrene. This reaction leads to the formation of new chemical bonds, resulting in the crosslinking of the polymer chains.

As the crosslinking progresses, the liquid resin mixture gradually transforms into a solid, durable polymer network. This cured polyester resin exhibits improved mechanical properties, such as increased strength, rigidity, and heat resistance.

The presence of benzoyl peroxide as a catalyst is crucial for initiating and propagating the crosslinking reaction. Proper control of the curing temperature and the amount of benzoyl peroxide used is essential to achieve the desired curing rate and final properties of the cured resin.


Safety Note: Despite cobalt and peroxide participating together in the process of curing unsaturated polyester resin, they should never be stored in close proximity to each other, as this could potentially lead to explosions and fires.

Technical Specifications

Shelf Life 6 Month
AO (%) 3.23-3.35
Density 1.17 ± 0.05 Gr/ml
Appearance Past Form
Color White or Red
Assay 49-50 %
Storage Temp (°C) 30 ± 5
SADT (°C) 50
Packaging 20 Kg

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