Welcome to Isatis Chemicals' FAQ page! We're here to answer your questions about our company and services. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to our team for assistance. We value your satisfaction and aim to build strong relationships with our customers and partners.

Why Us?

We are your consultant before to be your supplier, feel free to contact us (technical advice) Because of some issues we produce our chemicals with a lower price and consequently we offer a better price to our customers Our customer loyalty statistics shows that 94% of our customers returned 24 hours availability to our customers Did you understand that we don’t mention quality as our advantage? We don’t say the quality of our products is high, because it has to be, it is very obvious. It’s like to say “if you buy our chemicals, we will deliver it to you”. It is like a joke, isn’t it? It is not the first issue, it’s the zero issue in our institutionalized culture. It is not an advantage, it’s a necessity.

How can we place orders?

It is better to place an order by email our professional marketing team will get back at due course.

How do we contact you?

We prefer all communications by e-mail to [email protected] where your messages will route to the appropriate department. Of course, you may also use a telephone or fax to connect us. Tehran Office Istanbul Office Yazd Office

How fast can you make shipments? How fast can we receive goods?

Transit period depends on a wide variety of factors – such as order type, quantity, number of mixed products in one shipment, shipping mode, or delays at customs at destination. Normally Shipments can be made within 2-3weeks from date of receipt of order.

How long are prices valid?

Prices vary based on quantity, payment, and shipping terms. Therefore prices quoted based on requests. All prices are subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Mostly all prices are valid for five calendar days.

What are your minimum order quantities?

We do our best to deliver the chemicals at the lowest possible price to our customers.it is better to check the minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.

What are your opening hours?

  • Iran :SAT –THU 8:00-18:00 IRST (GMT+3:30) Friday is the weekend in Iran, but we are always online on WhatsApp: +989133977708
  • Turkey: MON –FRI 8:00-18:00 IRST (GMT+3:00) Monday is the weekend in Turkey, but we are always online on WhatsApp: +905527238525
Where are you located?

We have three distinct factories in Yazd, Iran. Our offices are located in Tehran, Yazd and Istanbul.

Why do you often offer the best price?

Our state-of-the-art technology Proximity to our raw material sources like numerous petrochemical companies and big mines Lower labor cost Lower energy cost