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UP-5500 & 6600 &9900: These orthophthalic based resins are pre-accelerated (amine) and have high filling and styrene capacity properties. Among the prominent features of this category of resins, we can mention compatibility with water when applying mastic on stone and increasing the volume of mastic (using appropriate additives). Moreover, UP-9900 has a very low shrinkage and an increase in the volume of mastic produced.
UP-333 This orthophthalic based resin, has high filling capacity and accept high styrene ratio and is abrasion resistant.

Accepts High Styrene Ratio

Long Shelf Life

Compatible with Water

High Adhesion

High Volume of Final Products

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resins

Storage conditions

To ensure the utmost stability and preserve the optimal properties of resins, it is crucial to store them in sealed containers at temperatures below 24°C, away from sources of heat ignition and direct sunlight. For best results, it is recommended to warm the resin to a minimum of 18°C before usage. This pre-warming process guarantees proper curing and facilitates ease of handling throughout the application. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance the performance and longevity of the resin, ensuring successful outcomes in your projects.


20 Kg Bucket
200 Kg Barrel
220 Kg Barrel
230 Kg Barrel
1000 Kg IBC
25,000 Kg Tank Container


• Isatis's unsaturated resins are highly regarded for their top-quality performance.
• We implement rigorous quality measures to consistently manufacture high-quality products for our customers.
• Our commitment to quality drives us to continuously evolve our quality procedures and enhance our products.
• Our team ensures that the resins successfully pass multiple quality checks before reaching our clients.
• As one of the leading resin manufacturers in the country, we consistently deliver high-quality products.
• We offer a wide range of resins designed for various purposes.
• Our modern facility is equipped to produce resins using the latest techniques.
• Our experienced experts utilize cutting-edge methods to manufacture our products.
• We have the capability and expertise to deliver high volumes of products efficiently.
• Customer satisfaction is our main priority at Isatis, and we strive to meet their specific requirements.
• We are open to providing customized solutions to cater to individual needs.


As per customer requirements, the following features of Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPRs) can be customized:
1. Gel time: The gel time of the resin can be adjusted based on specific needs. Gel time refers to the time taken for the resin to reach a semi-solid or gel-like state after the initiation of the curing process.
2. Curing time: The curing time, which is the duration required for the resin to fully harden and cure, can be modified to meet specific project timelines and requirements.
3. Thixotropic index: The thixotropic index of the resin can be tailored as per customer preferences. Thixotropy refers to the property of certain materials to become less viscous under applied stress and return to their original viscosity when the stress is removed.
4. Adding curing indicator: The option to include a curing indicator in the resin formulation is available. A curing indicator is a substance that changes color or exhibits a visual change to indicate the progress of the curing process. It is worth mentioning that this applies specifically to blue-colored resins, where the resin should change from blue to its natural color after curing. The blue color serves as an indicator for determining the complete curing time. If a blue-colored resin does not change to its natural color after curing, it has merely been pigmented with blue and does not possess a blue cure indicator.
5. Making resin pre-accelerated: The resin can be pre-accelerated during the manufacturing process. Pre-acceleration involves the addition of accelerators to the resin formulation before it reaches the customer, allowing for faster curing times upon application.
For more detailed information on how these features can be adjusted for each type of resin, we kindly request you to fill out the technical advice form. This will enable our experts to provide you with specific guidance and recommendations tailored to your requirements.


The information provided, including recommendations regarding the application and use of Petro Octane Isatis products, is offered in good faith based on our current knowledge and expertise. These recommendations assume proper storage, handling, and usage of the products under normal conditions within their specified shelf life. However, due to variations in materials, chemistries, and specific site conditions, we cannot provide any warranty regarding merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Additionally, we disclaim any liability arising from any legal relationship associated with this information, recommendations, or any other advice provided.
Please note that the proprietary rights of third parties must be respected. All orders are subject to our current terms of sale and delivery. Users are advised to refer to the most recent Technical Data Sheet for the relevant product, which can be requested or accessed from for the latest product information.

Technical Specifications

Not sure which chemical is right for you? Compare the specifications.






Properties Test method Unit Value Value Value Value
Gel time ASTM D2471 Min 9 ± 2 15 ± 2 12 ± 2 10 ± 2
Max cure time ASTM D2471 Min 13 ± 2 20 ± 2 21 ± 2 18 ± 2
Exothermic peak ASTM D2471 175 ± 10 195 ± 10 165 ± 5 200 ± 10
Acid value ASTM D1639 mg KOH/gr 25 ± 2 27 ± 2 36 ± 2 30 ± 2
Solid content ASTM D1259 % 71 ± 2 71 ± 2 72 ± 2 65 ± 2
Viscosity (25 ℃) ISO 2555 Ford Cup 40 ± 10 60 ± 10 50 ± 10 80 ± 10
Density ISO 1675 g/ml 1.13 ± 0.02 1.13 ± 0.02 1.11 ± 0.02 1.12 ± 0.02
Shelf life - Months 12 12 30 3
Dilutabllity with styrene - % 110 ± 20 250 ± 20 - -

*0.5% Co 6% and 2 % MEKP to 100 g resin at 25 °C


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