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2K polyester putty reinforced with glass fiber

Carcoat Fiber is strengthened with glass fiber, providing high mechanical resistance and a strong filling ability for repairing irregularities and holes. However, its low elasticity and very hard structure make it suitable for use on small surface areas only.

The surface should be sanded and then degreased with a cleaning solvent.

Mix homogeneously with sufficient hardener (2-3%). Pot life: 3-5 mins.

Apply the putty with putty spatulas, flexible rubber or plastic spreaders.

Drying time: 20-30 mins, at a temperature close to 20°C.

Sand with P80 - P120 grit until the desired surface is obtained and finish with P120 - P240

Wear respiratory protection during application

Frequently Asked Questions About This Putty


• High mechanical resistance
• High filling power
• Improved sanding characteristics
• Highly concentrated filler
• For repairing small rust spots
• Very easy and pore-free to work
• Not for use on zinc and aluminum surfaces

The Available Packaging

• 1 Kg • 2 Kg • 500 gr


For professional use only. Do not return unused mixed material into the can. Make applications where ventilation is sufficient. Keep away from heat, sparks, flame, hot surfaces. Vapors may cause flash fire. Causes eyes and skin irritation. Do not breathe vapors. Use required personal protective equipment. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. For more information see the SDS.

Physical Characteristics

• Color: Green
• Basis: polyester resin with a pigment-filler-combination
• Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity): 20-30 min
• Pot life / Working time at 20°C: 3-5 min
• Color of hardener: Red
• Delivery viscosity at 20°C: as a paste
• VOC content: 2004/42/IIB (b) (250) < 250g/l
• Minimum application temperature: +5°C


It should be kept in a tightly covered container, in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. Temperature above 5°C is recommended, Temperature between 15 and 30°C is optimal. Improper storage conditions shorten the shelf life of the product.

Volatile Organic Compounds

The VOC content of this putty is a maximum of 250 g/l in compliance with European standard 2004/42/CE IIB(B) (250) <250 g/l.

Hardener Percentage Temperature
Benzoyl Peroxide Paste 50% 3% 5-10°C
Benzoyl Peroxide Paste 50% 2% 10-20°C
Benzoyl Peroxide Paste 50% 1% >20°C

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